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Therapy for Self-Doubters
& Over-Thinkers

Supporting you to overcome the fears and blocks holding you back from reaching your full potential and living a happy life.

Are you tired of never
feeling good enough?

Low self-esteem can really get in the way of you living a happy and meaningful life.  It's why, 'on paper’, it might look like you’ve already achieved a lot but you still never feel enough. It's what tells you that you need to hold yourself incredibly high standards and to be perfect all the time which is exhausting.


The belief that you're not enough, makes you feel like you have to do more, which leads to tiredness, frustration and maybe even burnout. To combat these feelings, you find yourself 'over-thinking', trying to anticipate every outcome and protect yourself from being hurt.


This keeps you overly concerned with what other people think and makes you put everyone else's needs before your own, affecting relationships and resulting in feeling totally overwhelmed.

If this resonates with you, I'm here to tell you....

It doesn't have to be this way
Become the confident, capable
person you know you really are
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Does this sound familiar?
  • Feel stressed out and overwhelmed, possibly approaching burnout

  • Fear failure and rejection so stop yourself from furthering your education or career

  • Put other people's needs first and leave your own to last

  • Find it hard to say no and put boundaries in place

  • Get knots in your stomach thinking about contributing in work or social settings

  • Find it difficult to relax and often feel 'on edge'

  • Judge yourself harshly and are often critical of yourself

  • Constantly worry and go over things you've said or done

  • Worry a lot about whether people like you and whether you 'fit in'

  • Feel like if you do more training, get more certificates, do more training, then you'll be good enough


You want to feel more confident in yourself and accepting of who you are but instead you...

Stress and Anxiety

Learn the tools you need to manage your worries and feel more confident in your ability to cope with life's challenges.

Limiting Beliefs

Reframe unhelpful thoughts and beliefs so that the past no longer dictates your future.


Support and strategies to help you overcome self-doubt so you can finally feel comfortable in your own skin.


I'm Amy, an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, living in the rural Welsh countryside. 

And I can help.

I provide online therapy (telephone and video) using a variety of different therapeutic approaches and tools so that therapy is personlised to you and is a place where your whole person and all your different parts are respected and welcomed.

My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling like they not only accept themselves and who they are but also feel truly confident in their unique selves and what they have to offer to the world. They feel better able to cope with life's challenges, without being paralysed by anxiety and are more courageous in putting themselves forward in their education, career and relationships. Ultimately, they feel happier and start enjoying life again.

Ready to work together?

Contact me by email or by submitting the contact form here. I'll answer any questions you have and if we feel like we could be a good fit then we can arrange a free 30 minute Introductory Call.

Join me in 1-1 therapy sessions where we'll explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences, without judgement so you can reconnect with your unique, authentic self and feel 100% confident in who you are!

Overcome self-doubt and discover your inner brilliance!

Let go of who you think you're supposed to be; embrace who you are
-Brené Brown 

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